Silicon Products

aJile offers two SOCs – aJ-102 (Java Networking Processor) and aJ-200 (Java Multimedia Networking Processor). In order to facilitate fast product development using these Java SOCs, aJile also offer CPU Modules (coming soon) based on these SOCs complete with DRAM, Flash, and power supply.

aJile Systems provides complete solutions for embedding Java performance into smart mobile devices, wireless consumer appliances, industrial control, wireless remote sensing, and automotive communication devices over the Internet. At aJile, a complete solution means that our Java™ direct execution processors come with a specifically tailored peripheral set, the associated 100 % Java-based runtime software and tools, and the required product-specific APIs. The figure below illustrates a complete Java solution based on the aJile family of processors:


aJile networked Java direct execution processors combine several innovative technologies to efficiently, safely, and robustly execute Java in wide variety of low-power embedded systems. Our key technologies include:

  • Direct JVM bytecode execution

Software interpretation is a drag on performance. Java is the native instruction set for all of aJile's microprocessor and microprocessor cores. With more than 99% of Java bytecodes microprogrammed in hardware, aJile MPUs deliver unparalleled Java execution with a memory footprint that is 2- to 3-time more compact than similar 32-bit RISC applications.

  • Microprogrammed real-time Java thread manager

aJile MPUs don't require an extra RTOS software layer. The on-chip real-time thread manager performs priority-based preemptive scheduling with extremely fast context switch times -- less than 1us.

  • Multiple application execution

Embedded system designers enjoy the security and reliability of multiple JVMs when they develop aJile-based products. Discrete software applications are memory- protected with selectable code & data sharing. Each application has its own thread manager and event handlers. Applications can also implement unique memory management and garbage collection policies.

  • Custom instructions for application specific optimizations

aJile's flexible architecture enables embedded system designers to optimize their Java applications. Using extended Java bytecodes and standard programming tools, designers can implement custom instructions that deliver 5X to 10X performance improvements.

  • Embedded programming tools

System designers can use commercial Java IDEs to easily build and debug their embedded applications on aJile MPUs and MPU cores.

  • Integrated peripherals

aJile MPUs and MPU IP cores include a complete portfolio of peripherals. Timers and interrupt controllers, memory and memory controllers, 2D and 3D graphics engines, multimedia codecs, and a variety of communication interfaces are all integrated into the aJile architecture.

  • Integrated power management

Mobile applications can go Java with aJile's comprehensive power management strategies, including sleep and standby modes that maximize battery life.