CPU Modules

aJile Systems offer a CPU module for the aJ-102 SOC called jMCU-102. The aJile Systems jMCU-102 is the real-time, low-power computer module for the Java ME platform. It’s mainly based on the aJile aJ-102 microprocessor that executes Java Virtual Machine (JVM) bytecodes directly, real-time Java threading primitives, and a secured TCP/IP networking. The jMCU-102 features of the aJile microprocessor “aJ-102”, 32~64 Mbytes of NAND Flash, 32~64 MB of SDRAM, and B2B connectors. All aJ-102 peripheral pins are available via a B2B connectors. It‘s housed in a compact form factor.

Please consult aJile Systems if you are interested in a CPU module for the aJ-200 SOC.

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CPU Module

Unit Price: $175.00