Real-Time Low-power Multimedia Microprocessor for the Java(TM) Platform aJ-200


The aJile Systems aJ-200 is the real-time, low-power, multimedia microprocessor that executes Java Virtual Machine (JVM) bytecodes, real-time Java threading primitives, multimedia functions, and secured networking. It’s designed specifically to power a wide range of mobile internet appliances, which allow the mobile media, Java games, and edutainment contents to be downloaded on demand via broadband or cellular network.

The aJ-200 directly executes Java Virtual MachineTM (JVM) bytecodes, real-time Java threading primitives, and a number of extended bytecodes for custom application accelerations. The native JVM bytecode implementation eliminates the typical interpreter or JIT software layers and provides the most optimal Java performance in both memory requirements and execution time. The microprogrammed RTOS and Java threading primitives also ensure fast, atomic executive operations like context switching object synchronization, scheduling and interrupt processing and eliminate traditional external RTOS layer.

The aJ-200 features of a direct-execution Java processor core (JEMCore-IIITM) with an enhanced DSP capability, on-chip 32 KB unified instruction and data cache (I&D), a single-chip 10/100 Ethernet controller, encryption/decryption engine, a single-chip USB OTG controller, three video capture ports, a MPEG4/JPEG encoder, an advanced LCD controller, and all I/O peripherals required for many networked real-time multimedia applications.

The aJ-200 microprocessor, bundled with aJile real-time operating system, optimizing application builder, debugging tools and evaluation systems provides a complete solution for implementing real-time, Internet appliances, entirely in pure Java technology. The aJile real-time operating system consists of a microprogrammed real-time kernel, a suite of software drivers including TCP/IP network stack, file system, and security layer, JME CLDC or CDC/FP/PBP/MMAPI class, and aJile native Java class. The powerful combination of direct JVM bytecode execution, direct multithreading support, and fully protected multiple JVM environments is ideal for efficient, safe, and robust Java execution and dynamic delivery of the Java based applications / services on-demand over Internet.

The aJ-200 is ideally suited to power the next generation of the mobile internet appliances:

  • Wireless POS terminals
  • Personal navigation systems
  • Mobile gaming toy devices
  • IP cameras, video surveillance systems
  • Thin clients
  • IPTV’s



Unit Price: $699.00

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