aJile Reveals World’s First Java Technology Edge Controller for Data Acquisition, Automation, Surveillance, Utility, Logistics, Security, Telemetry and RFID Applications
Monday, 15 May 2006 16:00

JavaOne Conference, San Francisco

aJile Systems Inc. (www.ajile.com), a company founded by the developers of the world’s first direct execution Java™ technology microprocessor, is demonstrating the world’s first edge controller implemented entirely in Java technology. aJile’s JNIB™ is a compact, cost-effective system that enables system integrators, OEMs and enterprise developers to employ Java software throughout an organization, from back-end enterprise databases and applications, right through to data acquisition and automation functions in multiple remote locations.

By offering the world’s the first Java technology edge controller, aJile’s new JNIB enables developers to seamlessly integrate their core enterprise applications with remote edge applications using a single development language throughout an entire organization. And by using a single language—Java—that enjoys wide acceptance, a substantial ecosystem of third-party developers, a large pool of web-based applications, industry-standard APIs and protocols, and programming environments on every PC platform, developers can reduce development time and maintenance costs, while improving reliability, portability, reusability and system security.


JNIB Customized for ‘Hard Hat’ Apps

The JNIB system is customized for real-time, remote applications. The system is based on aJile’s aJ-100 processor, a 32-bit Java-technology microprocessor that performs direct JVM bytecode execution and includes a micro-programmed JVM runtime kernel. Eliminating the need for a separate RTOS, and with no requirement for a JVM interpreter or translator, the aJ-100 runs cool and fast. The JNIB includes 16MB of PSRAM with battery backup; 16MB of NAND Flash; 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0 and dual serial bus ports; and dual Compact Flash type-II slots.

The system provides the Java ME CLDC or CDC/FP platform written entirely in Java, which is the native instruction set for the aJ-100. The platform is built upon aJile’s Multiple JVM (MJVM) real-time kernel, which enables multiple applications to execute concurrently and independently, safely co-existing with maximum security.


Millions of Edge Controllers Required In Enterprise Deployments

Modern enterprises rely upon machine-to-machine (M2M) deployments for critical and cost-effective operations in everything from industrial and logistics automation, to energy management, security control and total facilities management. M2M deployments require millions of edge controllers in factories, transportation hubs, hospitals and facilities to acquire, monitor and analyze data, automatically control functions, and transmit data and status to central databases. The ubiquity of broadband and wireless networks enable a new generation of Internet edge devices that allow operators and service providers to deliver, control, manage and update services on demand. Spurred by US Department of Defense and Wal-Mart mandates, RFID applications are now adding another huge market for edge controllers.

"By using Java to develop their next-generation real-time automation applications, system integrators and developers can achieve substantial NRE and lifetime cost-of-ownership savings," said aJile Vice President of Marketing Danh Le Ngoc. " For the first time, Java is putting on its hard hat and hitting the factory floor—and the loading dock, the control room, the hospital ward and lots of other locations where Java has never been before. The era of laboriously writing, porting and updating C and assembler code on myriad hardware platforms for automation control is coming to an end."

aJile will be offering the first public demonstration of its JNIB System and Development Kit at the 2006 JavaOne Conference in Moscone Center, San Francisco, May 16 – 18, booth 1422.


Pricing and Availability

The JNIB Development Kit is available now for $1,499 each. JNIB systems for commercial deployments will be available in July for less than $389/ea. in high volume.For more information, please contact aJile at www.ajile.com.


About aJile Systems Inc.

Founded in 1999 by four senior technologists from Rockwell Collins, Sun Microsystems, Integrated Device Technology and Centaur Technologies, aJile develops, manufactures and markets low-power, full-time direct execution Java™ technology processors and systems. The company’s products are used in mobile devices, information appliances, networked industrial controllers and automotive products. aJile Systems is headquartered in San Jose, California, with a research and development center in Cedar Rapids, IA. Additional information can be obtained on the company’s website at: www.ajile.com.



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