Traffic, Patients and Products aJile’s New M2M Edge Controller Simplifies Deployment and Upgrade of Applications that Use 3G, Zigbee, RFID and WiFi Networks
Monday, 11 September 2006 16:00

CTIA Conference, Los Angeles

aJile Systems Inc. (, a company founded by the developers of the world’s first direct execution Java™ technology microprocessor, announced three deployments of its just released Java M2M (machine-to-machine) edge controller at the CTIA conference this week. aJile has been selected by InfoTek Wireless ( to provide controllers for a 100% Java technology remote traffic monitoring system; Rosonix ( has opted for aJile technology for its remote bio-monitoring systems; and AssetPulse  ( has chosen aJile to deploy its 100% Java technology RFID-enabled asset tracking solution.

InfoTek Wireless provides road monitoring and maintenance systems to organizations like Caltrans (the California Department of Transportation) for gathering real-time data about traffic congestion, to schedule timely maintenance, and for collating data required by federal highway funding mandates. InfoTek Wireless selected aJile’s JNIB™ Java technology M2M edge controller as a re-programmable data collection and aggregation module that is connected through Cingular’s 3G ALLOVER™ EDGE network to Java-based enterprise software for traffic monitoring and control. Compatible with popular database software packages from Oracle and Microsoft, the InfoTek Wireless system is easily customized and upgraded thanks to its use of Java technology throughout the system—from edge controller to back-end applications. Using Java technology edge controllers also simplifies the process of adapting remote modules to work with a wide variety of GSM modems.

“Porting InfoTek Wireless’ Java software to aJile’s JNIB platform allows InfoTek to enhance the transportation solution provided to Cingular clients, and allows the application to fully utilize the high bandwidth HSDPA network provided by Cingular Wireless,” explained InfoTek Wireless CEO Mike Poursartip “The direct execution, hardware JVM at the heart of aJile’s JNIB edge controller delivers superior real-time performance, taking full advantage of Cingular’s high speed data network.”


Rosonix Picks aJile Java Technology for Patient Tracking Zigbee Gateway

aJile has also been selected as a platform provider to Rosonix, a developer of health management systems that gather personal bio-signals, like blood pressure, glucose, and heart rate. Rosonix bio-sensors transmit measured data to service providers through Zigbee gateways, which are built on aJile's JNIB M2M edge controller. Health management service providers enable relatives and health care workers to receive this critical information, which is transmitted to registered subscribers via text message to user mobile phone numbers. Service providers that use the Rosonix system can also track information for subscribers on long term care patients.

“Rosonix selected aJile's JNIB Java technology M2M edge controller as a Zigbee gateway for our health management system, an application that requires extremely high reliability,” said Rosonix President Mitch Huang. “Thanks to the flexibility and powerful Java technology of aJile's platform, Rosonix is easily customizing and integrating our Zigbee module for bio-signal acquisition.”


AssetPulse Taps aJile’s Java Technology for RFID Solutions

RFID solutions vendor AssetPulse has also chosen aJile’s JNIB Java technology M2M edge controllers for its new RFID-enabled asset tracking solution, which enables companies to better track their mobile and fixed assets. The flexible, easily programmable and configurable Java technology edge controllers enable wired, wireless and hybrid deployments for AssetPulse.

“RFID technology delivers immediate ROI for companies looking to automate or simplify the collection of asset or inventory data, and regularly update that data into existing databases or applications,” said Vijay Sarathy, VP Marketing at AssetPulse. “aJile’s JNIB Java technology edge controllers make it simple for AssetPulse’s RFID-enabled asset tracking solutions to be deployed into customer environments so data collected from remote or distributed facilities can be effortlessly and seamlessly integrated into existing  enterprise applications, databases and other back-end systems.”


aJile’s JNIB Java Technology M2M Edge Controller

By offering the world’s the first Java technology edge controller, aJile enables developers to seamlessly integrate their core enterprise applications with remote edge applications using a single development language. And by using a single language—Java—that enjoys wide acceptance, a substantial ecosystem of third-party developers, a large pool of web-based applications, industry-standard APIs and protocols, and programming environments on every PC platform, developers can reduce development time and maintenance costs, while improving reliability, portability, reusability and system security.

aJile’s JNIB is a Java ME CLDC or CDC/FP platform written entirely in Java. The system is based on aJile’s aJ-100 processor, a 32-bit Java-technology microprocessor that performs direct JVM bytecode execution and includes a micro-programmed JVM runtime kernel. Eliminating the need for a separate RTOS, and with no requirement for a JVM interpreter or translator, the aJ-100 runs cool and fast. The JNIB includes 16MB of PSRAM with battery backup; 16MB of NAND Flash; 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0 and dual serial ports; and dual Compact Flash type-II slots.

“Extending Java use right to the edge of an enterprise means entire solutions can be written, customized and maintained in a single programming language," said aJile Vice President of Marketing Danh Le Ngoc. "The adoption of our M2M Java technology edge controllers by three innovative system designers like InfoTek Wireless, Rosonix and AssetPulse is an enormous endorsement of our Java technology efforts."

aJile will be demonstrating its JNIB System and Development Kit at the 2006 CTIA Conference in Los Angeles, September 12 – 14, in M2M zone booth 354.


Pricing and Availability

The JNIB Development Kit is available for $1,499 each. JNIB systems for commercial deployments are available for less than $389/ea. in high volume.For more information, please contact aJile at


About aJile Systems Inc.

Founded in 1999 by four senior technologists from Rockwell Collins, Sun Microsystems, Integrated Device Technology and Centaur Technologies, aJile develops, manufactures and markets low-power, full-time direct execution Java™ technology processors and systems. The company’s products are used in mobile devices, information appliances, networked industrial controllers and automotive products. aJile Systems is headquartered in San Jose, California, with a research and development center in Cedar Rapids, IA. Additional information can be obtained on the company website at:



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