Version 6.1.00 release of the aJile runtime and tools
Thursday, 13 May 2010 16:00

New releases support aJ102/aJ200 LCD systems

Version 6.1.00 of the aJile Runtime and Tools is now available for both the JME CLDC 1.1 and the JME CDC/FP 1.1 platforms. This release includes new configurations and drivers for the aJ102 and aJ200 LCD-based evaluation systems. The aJ200 is a super set of the aJ102 with the additional IP for MPEG/JPEG codec processing and Video Capture (VCAP). New drivers for LCD panels with touch screens are available along with examples to demostrate the integrated LCD controller features, JPEG encoding/decoding, and VCAP features. Other driver updates include support for USB 2.0 hubs, support for NTP time initialization, and file system updates. For further details of the release notes, go to the Downloads section for the respective runtime.

The CDC release is available primarily for aJile's JNIB and aJ102 based products. However, the CDC runtime can be used on any aJile aJ-100 based target system that supports at least 4M flash and 4MB RAM. This release is being provided to registered and verified aJile customers. To download this update, login and go to the Downloads section and choose either "aJile JME CLDC Runtime updates" or "aJile JME CDC Runtime updates".