Real-Time Low-power Network Direct Execution Microprocessor for the Java(TM) Platform aJ-102


The aJile Systems aJ-102 is the real-time, low-power, network microprocessor that directly executes Java Virtual Machine (JVM) bytecodes, real-time Java threading primitives, and secured networking. It ‘s designed specifically to power a wide range of networked embedded devices and smart sensors, which can be remotely controlled, monitored, and managed in real-time over broadband and cellular networks.

The aJ-102 processor, bundled with aJile real-time operating system, optimizing application builder, debugging tools and evaluation board provides a complete solution for implementing real-time networked embedded Java technology enabled applications. The aJile real-time operating system consists of a microprogrammed real-time kernel, a suite of software drivers including TCP/IP network stack, file system, and security layer, JME CLDC or CDC/FP/PBP API, and aJile native Java class. The powerful combination of direct JVM bytecode execution, direct multithreading support, and fully protected multiple JVM environments is ideal for efficient, safe, and robust Java execution and dynamic delivery of the Java based applications / services on-demand over Internet. The aJ-102 is ideally suited to power the next generation of the Internet edge devices, sensors, handheld devices deployed in many M2M applications.

  • Networked edge controllers,
    and smart sensors
  • Cellular terminals, and cash registers
  • Mobile POS terminals
  • Wireless handhelds and webpads
  • Industrial control PC’s
  • IP cameras, and security / surveillance systems



Unit Price: $499.00


Unit Price: $599.00

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