Technology FAQ

aJile Technology

Frequently Asked Questions about aJile Systems Technology

  • How do aJile microprocessors execute JVM bytecodes?
  • The JVM instruction set doesn't support explicit memory addressing. How do aJile microprocessors accomplish this for embedded applications?
  • How are custom instructions implemented?
  • How do aJile microprocessors support the Java threading model?
  • How are applications developed for aJile microprocessors?
  • How do aJile microprocessors support interrupts?
  • What is the multiple JVM feature?
  • How do aJile microprocessors perform garbage collection (GC)?
  • What is the runtime system for aJile microprocessors?
  • What is the operating system for aJile microprocessors?



Frequently Asked Questions about the JNIB (Java Network Interface Box) product

  • What is the feature set of JNIB?
  • What the power requirement of JNIB?
  • What are the physical dimensions of the JNIB?
  • What regulatory agency approvals does the JNIB have?
  • What is the main difference between JNIB and JNIB_L?