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aJile Systems, Inc. was formed in 1999 as a fabless semiconductor manufacturer of Java™ direct execution processors for embedded applications in the M2M (Machine to Machine) smart mobile device, consumer appliance, industrial control and automotive markets. aJile's products are designed specifically to allow system developers to leverage the widely recognized benefits of Java technology. In addition to processors, aJile also provide Java platform products for OSGi and Sedona Java middleware. By leveraging aJile’s Java processors and intrusion sensing technology, aJile also provide unique security system products for automobiles, homes, and offices.



aJile Systems is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of Java technology-based processors. The engineering and marketing teams consist of Java pioneers from Rockwell-Collins, Sun Microsystems and Centaur Technology, where they gained considerable expertise in the design and marketing of multiple generations of Microprocessors for networked embedded applications. aJile's founders include four of the principle engineers and designers responsible for the development of the world's first low-power Java processor, JEM™, and for advanced Java software development tools at Rockwell Collins.

The aJile team shares the belief that there is a significant shift from the "desktop-centric" computing model to a "network-centric" model, which is accelerating the need for new generations of 32-bit low-power Java processors. These new generations of low-power embedded Java processors are required to effectively and securely execute distributed objects over wired and wireless network.



aJile Systems has licensed the seminal JEM technology from Rockwell. Under this agreement, aJile has exclusive rights to commercialize existing JEM technologies, as well as to further develop new extensions of the core JEM architecture and technology. aJile is creating a family of Distributed System-On-Chip, platform, and system products based on the following technologies:

  • A scaleable JEM Instruction Set Architecture
  • JEMCore core processor- Low power fastest Java execution
  • Microprogrammed real-time thread manager to eliminate conventional RTOS
  • Fastest hard real-time performance of less than 1 microsec latency
  • Low-power consumption of less than 1mW/Mhz
  • Networking capability of TCP/IP
  • Enhanced security
  • Multiple JVM to provide time and space separation between multiple applications in hardware
  • Integrated hardware to accelerate the security algorithms



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